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My Very First Entry!!!!!!


SMAP's Singing and SMAP's Music

Seem like Nakai's singing was a heated topic in SMAP fandom in the past few days ^^" Upon reading many thoughts on the issue, I've come across a common comment that really makes me think. SMAP's MusicCollapse )

SMAP's singingCollapse )

On a somewhat related note, if I read that comment about Nakai's singing first, I would never ever in a million years have gone through with this week topic for FTLOS ^^" (If you are an SCS member, you know what I'm talking about). I was asked about the rumor and I've seen the "rumor" has always been presented as fact by some non-fans. So I decided to wrote about it to point out that it was just a rumor with inconclusive evidences from a very suspicious source.

Johnny's Suspension and SMAP

Morimoto Ryutaro (Hey! SAY! JUMP)'s suspension is probably last week's biggest news/scandals in Johnny's fandom. I know more about his little brother (Shintaro) than Ryutaro because Shintaro appeared in several SxS episodes and is rumored to be under Iijima Michi's care. Still, I feel for the boy ever since I first saw his underage-smoking photo in 2ch because I believe that his career as a Johnny idol will probably be over. I don't smoke but I won't judge those who do, especially the teenagers who still don't know much and may think it's cool to smoke. Curiosity normally get the best of most teens, and even some matured adults.

However, what he did is still illegal according to Japanese law, and definitely against his company's rule. The indefinite suspension is an expected reaction from the Jimusho and I think deserved. But because of this "scandal", I've read several discussions in blogs (both English & Japanese) that mentioned SMAP and those comments make me think.

underage SMAPCollapse )

2001 & 2009Collapse )

Mori KatsuyukiCollapse )


So many things have happened in SMAP fandom in the past 48hrs. A little bit disappointed that they probably won't have a tour this year, but as I wrote on SCS, I totally understand and respect their decision. Holding a full-scale tour under this circumstance is something that SMAP will never do, considering the energy concern and all other things going on in Japan. Holding a stripped-down version of a tour is something they will never do as well because they always want to give the best and the most perfect show to their fans. This is SMAP. This is why I love them and this is why they are Japan's national idol.

My thought on SMAP AID and the event at SeibuenCollapse )

hontou ni, hontou ni, SMAP fan de yokatta

I'm truly deeply happy that I'm a SMAP fan.
Don't have anything much to say but I just want to shout that at the top of my lung.

These men are earnestly trying their hardest to cheer people up even when they, themselves, are also dealing with griefs. They don't just talk some sweet, comforting words. In fact, they haven't said a single consoling word. But they do it. They're moving forward and encouraging their fans and other people to do so. They didn't say "ganbarou minna" lightly, they are doing it as hard as anyone can do. They are pushing beyond their already hectic schedules to do other projects to reach as many people as they can. Somehow their thought and feeling really reach me and I hope their message will reach everyone in Japan too. Douka todokimasu you ni.

This performance illustrates the biggest reason I love SMAP's music. Technically, they don't sing that well and you can hear a lot of pitchy parts in this clip. But they sing with heart and no one else can convey the meaning in the lyrics better than SMAP. Music is not just about technicality but it's more about conveying the message. This is why SMAP's music can reach so many people and this is why they are loved.

I love SMAP

Nakai Masahiro

He really is an interesting guy, isn't he? When I first met SMAP, I just saw him as the funny, always smiling, outspoken, simple boy. But the more I watch and observe him, the more I realize that Nakai Masahiro is one of the most complex human being in the world XD Not as simple as I originally thought.

My poor attempt to analyze NakaiCollapse )

SMAP = Ootori.....Kouhaku Long Rant!!!

It has been announced that SMAP will serve as the prestige Kouhaku's Ootori (last performer) for the third time. I should be happy because it's considered to be the highest honor for any performer. I'm very happy....but also very annoyed too so I need to rant. I'm not annoyed with SMAP (of course not), nor with NHK, nor with Arashi. I'm annoyed with some Japanese gossip sites and some antis' comments on 2ch/twitter. I definitely can't rant in Japanese (LOL) so I just have to vent it out in English.

Let me start off with summary of those annoying and ignorant comments.

1. This will be SMAP's last Kouhaku appearance so NHK let them be Ootori as a farewell gift. They are not selling anymore and about to disband.

2. SMAP "stole" this prestige spot from Arashi. NHK always want to have Arashi as Ootori but SMAP management forced NHK to make last minute change. Those ignorant antis said "Historically, being selected as a team leader = Ootori"

3. SMAP management force NHK to give the spot to SMAP even though SMAP's sales this year were terrible and they are no longer popular. Besides, this is SMAP's 18th time on Kouhaku. SMAP management used this as an excuse because that is the "most appearance" by any Kouhaku performer.

If you are a SMAP fan, I'm sure reading some of these will at least make you roll your eyes. If you are a SMAP fan and always have a soft spot for Arashi like I do, reading these probably will make you want to rant, like I'm doing.

My long long rantCollapse )

My SMAP Tribute VDO

I haven't posted much in this livejournal....in fact, I haven't posted anything at all ^^"
Maybe because I always feel it's too hard to convey my thought in English in a full-length entry since English is not my native language though I'm living in the States right now.

Anyway, I think I'll try to use this lj more to post my thoughts on my current and eternal obsession, SMAP. What else is better than to post my very first fanvid to SMAP for their 19th debut anniversary on 09/09/2010 and talk about it just a little bit.
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